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Travel to Armenia in style thanks to the Ani Grand Hotel in Central Yerevan.

Yerevan’s elegant Ani Grand Hotel is the newest addition to one of the finest and oldest hotel groups in Armenia and Georgia, determined to provide travelers in this wonderful mountainous country a unique and pleasant stay, proud to live up to centuries of Armenian hospitality.


Inspired by the continued success of the capital of Armenia’s Ani Plaza Hotel, our hotel carries on the excellence our guests have come to expect of us. Built in 2019 to the highest international standards, Ani Grand Hotel is a delightful 4+ star hotel in central Yerevan that caters to the most exacting needs of the modern traveler in Armenia.


Our distinctive brand of Yerevan hotels adopts traditional symbols and ornaments reminiscent of the ancient City of Ani. From our color scheme—centered around hues of pale desert caramel and cream—to the decorative accents in white and black marble, the metaphoric reinterpretation of the historic Armenian capital evokes hints of subdued elegance, charm and grace.


While our larger Ani Plaza Hotel—the largest hotel in Armenia—caters to bigger groups, and our smaller Ani Central Inn offers budget travelers in Armenia a more affordable stay, Ani Grand Hotel is a picturesque and modern hotel catering to those guests with more refined tastes and pleasures.


Our chain of hotels in Armenia forms part of the Dali & K group of companies. Alongside the three hotels in Yerevan, the group also offers travelers the same high-standard accommodation in two hotels in Tbilisi, Georgia; a laundry service; Armenia’s finest wines; and a full selection of Armenia’s most sweet and savory dairy and meat products at Bandivan Kat.

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