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Three Conference Halls

Organize the Perfect Event in Central Yerevan

If you’re planning on organizing an event, look no further than our two conference halls. Measuring 175 and 200 square meters each, they are equipped with all the latest technology to ensure your business and leisure needs are met. Microphones, projectors and translation equipment can aid in presentations and large conferences, and seating can be rearranged to provide the optimal experience for any event.


Located in a separate and quiet area of the hotel, you are guaranteed a day free from disturbances; an adjoining lobby can also be used as a break space with amenities such as tea and coffee provided upon request. In our conference halls, we have hosted seminars, training sessions, banquets and wedding receptions, New Year’s celebrations and everything in between. Let us help you with your next event.

Panoramic Hall

Grand Hall

Areni Hall

Voskeni Hall